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Irene Clarence, RN BScN

Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta.

I have been employed in the field of Nursing for the past 22 years. My experiences have been diverse and have included all areas of acute care: emergency, intensive care, obstetrics, operating room, outpatients, surgery, pediatrics and medicine. I have also worked in long-term care, community health and health education settings. I have years of experience in direct patient care as well as in supervisory and administrative roles.

In recent years I have helped to create and design several pilot programs for community health promotion. In Edmonton during the 90's, I coordinated a Parents As Teachers program for the Alberta government. After moving to the Vancouver area in 1998, I worked on pilot projects for both the federal and provincial governments that provide support for parents of young children. I am currently registered with RNABC and have been teaching part-time in various programs for health care workers here in Vancouver.

I am married and live in White Rock with my husband and two teenage children. I have a love of reading and spend time working to promote literacy through a number of different community initiatives.

Written by I. Clarence