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"My son just loves our parent Educator's visits every month. Especially he enjoys new things that she brings."

"The PAT program has helped my son to be a happy and confident boy; it has also helped us as parents to understand our son and guide him in his development"

"Ever since we were referred to the program I have valued all the information and guidance which we've received."

"I also really appreciated the homemade games and ideas to use with my daughter, which also contributed to her developmental growth."

"We developed a friendship with our parent educator, looking forward to our monthly visits as a source of connecting with the community and for help in raising my daughter."

"I think it is a valuable program especially to stretch over a period of 5 years - to follow the growth and development of children - to give them the best chance possible to grow up healthy and well-adjusted in society"

"The program is a great help for me because of the information they shared at the early stage of my daughter's life."

"The Parents As Teachers program has enriched out lives tremendously."

"As a stay-at-home mom, I was full of questions and trepidation but our parent educator goes out of her way to settle all my worries. She listens to all my concerns and provides me with an abundance of information. She gives me confidence and support in my child rearing abilities."
"Jane is our educator and also I felt she is just like my mom since my mother is in Japan. I always look forward to seeing her every month with lots of questions. Lisa, my daughter, shows her excited action when Jane came to our home. I also remember that when we went to the parents meeting in the evening and Lisa left her toy in the Mid-Main Community Health Centre, Jane was dropped it off at our door and called me. She said "Lisa left her toy, so I put it in front of your house dear." "That's no problem dear." Her kind take made me feel, Canada is becoming my home. Thank you Jane."

" I know some other families who would love to be part of the program but are outside of the catchment area. One in particular has borrowed all of my literature to help manage their son. I think they would especially benefit from these one-on-one meetings."

"My parent educator's visits are truly invaluable. Since they are conducted in my own home it makes it so convenient and comfortable."

"I know through this program I have become a better parent and teacher. Our children are our future and we, as parents, are their best tools."

"The parents as teachers program was very helpful. Answered any questions that I had and on the personal home visits, they did activities with my child that she really enjoyed."

"I think this is a "must have" program that all new parents should be in. It's another way to also make new friends and hear different opinions on how to discipline, raise, do things with our children and communicate with them and their needs."

" Both myself and my daughter have been enjoying the monthly visits very much and were always looking forward to the next one."

"Visits from our parent educator were especially helpful during the 1st few months. Her visits would be the highlight of my week."

"The program has given me many ideas on activities that will help my daughter with dexterity, problem solving skills, memory and overall confidence in herself when confronted with a task."

"We have also enjoyed the evening meetings as they have been a great to learn more and get to know people in our community."

"My parent educator's visits and all the handouts have been very valuable in teaching the baby and the baby's physical development."

"The best information was in the beginning telling us to make eye contact with baby - remembering the basics."

"I am a single mother and this is my first child. My parent educator has helped me with any concerns I have about my son. I find this parent as teachers service very helpful. She has answered many questions, taught me lots and reassured me that I am doing a good job."

"Alex has been learning so much and it is wonderful to have directions to put him to. One I loved the most of rice in a container. As with any job the management must provide guidelines, assessments, and pats on the back for the employees. As a parent, it has been a pleasure and a blessing to be involved with this process."

"I think the program has made me realize that my child can do more for herself then I give her credit for and it encourages me to keep helping her to accomplish small tasks."

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